Hi, thank you for your interest in our 3rd volume of this amazing work. However, before you place you order, we would like to let you know something about this volume, since our religion obligates us to let the buyer know things about the product that they are buying, which they might not be aware of. That being said, there are some difference in the printing of this volume compared with the previous two volumes which we feel you should know before you place your order.

1. The size of this volume is not the same as the previous two volumes. Do to an oversight by the brother who did the layout of the book, the size of this volume is a little shorter than the previous two volumes. The first two volumes are 7 x 10, while this one is 6.5 x 9.5.

2. The ribbon on the spine of the book, which is only for cosmetics, may not be applied properly. This does not cause any issues to the binding of the book, and it will not be noticed while it is on your bookshelf. However, we felt that you should be aware of it.

We apologize if this cause any inconvenience as we know that many of you were waiting for this book as much as we were. Unfortunately, these things were not in our control. But we are sure that if you do decide to purchase the work, you will thoroughly enjoy it just as we enjoyed working on it.

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