Tafsir al-Sa’di Vol. 2


This is the second volume of the English translation of the famous work, Taysir al-Karim ar-Rahman fi Tafsir Kalam al-Minan, better known as Tafsir as-Sa’di. Tafsir as-Sa’di is well-known in the Arab world for its simple style, and is read by many to help them understand the meaning of the Qur’anic verses.

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This book is among the best commentaries [of the Qur’an]. It stays away from mentioning the different opinions, except where the differences are strong and their mention is needed. This is a merit for the reader in that his understanding will be established on one thing. It also follows the way of the pious predecessors in explaining the verses of the Attributes [of Allah] without deviation or interpretation that contradicts the intent of Allah’s words. I advise every individual who seeks the books of tafsir and commentary to ensure that his library is not dispossessed of this valuable commentary.

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